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Article take from ‘Industry Update: Manufacturing Magazine’ CRASH SURVIVOR WILL NEVER GIVE UP   Doug Wright is well positioned to talk about the effects and dangers of opiates. In 2012, the former mining engineer survived a head-on vehicle collision in Northern Queensland that left him fighting for life and with multiple fractures. His pelvis was broken, his hip was broken, his left leg was broken and his right leg was almost completely shattered. His recuperation was a long and painful process, with four and a half months of hospitalisation and as many as 45 to 50 hours spent on the...

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Glenn Dickson never gave up

By Doug Wright   Glenn Dickson never takes his life for granted these days. Who would, after narrowly surviving an attack by a 3.5 metre bull shark?   Glenn with his children   It happened on February 18th. Glenn was on a spear fishing trip with his mates off Hichinbrook Island near Cairns in far north Queensland. He’d speared a parrotfish, and was swimming upwards when he felt an immense pull and shake on his leg. Then the shark turned away and came back to strike again, severing every artery in Glenn’s thigh and gashing his calf.   He...

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Where is the leadership?

By Doug Wright   Grenfell Tower Tragic Cladding Fire, London   After the horror of London’s deadly Grenfell Tower, it comes as a shock to learn that Australian buildings are clad in millions of square metres of flammable cladding that breach the Australian building code. Even worse, authorities have been aware of this since at least 2010. Leadership? NOT!   There are up to 2700 buildings in Sydney that use this type of cladding for energy ­efficiency and the sake of appearance. The Victorian Building Authority has identified 86 buildings in Melbourne with suspected non-compliant cladding, and yet, these...

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Jerry Seinfeld Never Gave Up

  By Doug Wright   Jerry Seinfeld is one of the greatest comedians of our time and will forever be remembered as the creator and star of the hit show ‘Seinfeld’, one of the iconic TV shows of the Nineties.   “He started at the very bottom.”   He is a huge success now, but, like many of us, he started at the very bottom, working as a stand-up comedian in small clubs around New York City. His deadpan delivery and observational jokes about the everyday nuisances of life eventually got him his first break, working as a recurring...

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