Month: January 2017

Change Your Perspective (Podcast)

How perspective can change your life. Podcast with Enterprise Radio. By Doug Wright Last year was one of action and productivity; the end of 2016 was especially busy. At the end of November I caught up with Eric Dye from Enterprise Radio, off the the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, to discuss my experiences and help motivate listeners. These are some of the most important take home messages we discussed. Sometimes in life we lose the things we love, from no fault of our own. I learnt this from my head-on vehicle collision. It shifted both my world view and the...

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Inspiring People with Whatever You Have

No matter the cards you are dealt in life, your story is inspiring and you can motivate others. By Doug Wright Life can be an uphill slog for most of us… but can you imagine doing it without arms or legs? Nick Vujicic (pronounced VOO-yee-cheech) is an inspiring leader and motivational speaker. He’s also an author, musician, actor and dynamic evangelist. These many accomplishments and successes would be deemed extraordinary for even an able-bodied person, but in Nick’s case, they’re nothing short of miraculous.   In 1982 in Melbourne, Nick was born with malformation of the limbs due to...

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Traffic Deaths Reaching All Time Highs

By Doug Wright A tragic but unfortunate reality to life in an automobile dominant culture is the resulting traffic related death count that it imparts on society. People die every year from crashes, and the total number of annual deaths has been rising noticeably in recent years, with some reports suggesting that trend is set to continue into the future. “It paints a grim picture of life on the road.”   This devastating reality means that every time you enter a vehicle you have a risk of not only serious injury, but of losing your life – or someone...

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