Safety And Attitude

A workplace safety attitude refers to an employee’s tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a safety goal, idea, plan, procedure, prevention or situation.
It’s a fact that your work attitude not only affects how well you do your job, but also affects how safe you are when you’re doing it. Attitude could be described as the spark that drives your behaviour.

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Developing a Positive Safety Attitude

It’s important to understand that communicating, co-operating and leading are skills that can be developed. We’re not born with those skills, although we may have acquired a basic understanding of working with others from childhood. As with everything, we go through an awkward learning stage while mastering these attitudes and skills. Eventually the attitude of never giving up will defeat any awkwardness. Remember, nothing worthwhile is ever easy!

Fostering a Culture of Safety Mentorship

Lhis is when the attitudes of experienced employees become all-important. Research shows that older workers score high with leadership abilities, detail-oriented tasks, organisation, listening, writing skills and problem solving. Their greatest asset is experience, or their workplace wisdom. They’ve learned how to get along with people, solve problems without drama and call for help when necessary. They know where to focus their efforts to deal with unexpected problems and so prevent costly mistakes and accidents.

“Doug shows us that we can all make a difference.”

Mike Keating

Assistant Comissioner, Road Policing Command, Queensland Police Service