Month: September 2017

A Single Moment in Time Can Change a Life

Arunima Sinha   By Doug Wright For Arunima Sinha, that moment was when she boarded a train bound for Delhi. She was just twenty-four years old, a former national volleyball player heading toward an offer of employment. Instead, she was hounded by four thugs, who first tried to rob her for the gold chain around her neck, and then threw her out of the moving train.   She landed on the railway tracks and another train ran over her leg, severing it. She lay there at night in agony while rodents feasted on her wounds. Forty-seven trains passed her...

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From Broke to Multi-Millionaire: How Conor McGregor Never Gave Up

By Doug Wright   Just weeks before his first Ultimate Fighting Championship bout, Conor McGregor was still collecting social welfare in Ireland. He’d quit his job as a plumber to pursue Mixed Martial Arts and things could have gone very badly had this gamble not paid off. But it did pay off. Spectacularly.   Though McGregor is now the UFC lightweight champion and ranked #24 in Forbes’ 2017 list of the world’s highest-paid athletes, back in 2008 when he decided plumbing wasn’t for him, McGregor’s parents were worried.   “They were so happy that I had a proper job,...

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Howard Schultz never gave up

By Doug Wright   Howard Schultz was born in New York in 1953 to a relatively poor family. Growing up, he felt the only chance he would have to make something of himself would be through sport. His determination to succeed on the sports field got him an athletic scholarship to Northern Michigan University where he studied Communications.   A series of jobs followed, and Schultz became the manager of Hammerflast, a drip-coffee maker manufacturer. One of their clients was a coffee-bean shop called Starbucks who sold whole beans and leaf teas. Shultz kept regular contact with them, recognising...

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