Month: August 2016

Amazing Road Safety Commercials – Part 1

Road Safety Commercials that will really touch your heart! Over the next two weeks, I will share some amazing road safety commercials that I believe can make people change their ways on the roads. Road safety  as you may know, is something I sincerely care about. Anything we can do to persuade people to take caution, concentrate, and to stay uninhibited whilst driving is worthwhile. These commercials in particular stand-out, and they really touch your heart. We kick things off with an ad by the TAC: “Reconstruction” TAC anti speed TV ad More to come this Friday, watch this space!  ...

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Your Success and Perseverance

Perseverance is the art of holding on when everything else tells you to let go. What keeps a person striving for success when they keep coming up against brick walks, setbacks and downright failure? Developing perseverance requires in the main just one thing. A dogged belief in one’s goal and purpose. If you truly believe with all your heart that you are meant to achieve something, then you will. You won’t mind the long hours spent striving. You will ignore the naysayers and listen only to the voice in your heart that says, “You can”.  You will use whatever...

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