Month: May 2017

Workplace Safety

By Doug Wright  Business leaders have a responsibility to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of their employees, customers and visitors to their site. Most businesses take a commonsense approach to workplace safety issues, where employees have an informal duty of care not to harm each other or themselves during the course of their duties. Commonsense is easy to apply when we think of tangible safety issues like keeping computer cords out of the way of foot traffic, but it isn’t so cut and dried when it comes to intangible safety issues like those environmental stressors that have an impact...

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Elvis Presley never gave up

By Doug Wright   Elvis Presley was one of the biggest stars of the twentieth century. His smooth, gravelly voice, provocative lyrics and laidback sense of fashion cool, made him an icon worldwide. By the end of his life, aged just 42 years old, he was one of the biggest selling solo artists in history, with three Grammys under his belt, along with over 30 films in the can.   “A shy boy who kept to himself and hated to sing or play in public.”   But nobody becomes a star overnight and Elvis faced plenty of challenges along...

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Madonna never gave up

By Doug Wright Whatever you call her, Madonna has been one of the greatest influences on music, fashion and pop culture over the last forty years.   Madonna was born in 1958 to Catholic parents in Michigan. When she was five her mother died and her father remarrying was the catalyst that seeded her rebellious attitude against conventionality.   “The bravest thing she ever did”   She was a straight A student throughout high school and when she graduated, landed a University dance scholarship. But she dropped out and moved to New York to pursue a career in dance...

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Bill Gates never gave up

By Doug Wright   Information technology dominates the social, political and economic environment across every strata of society. Technology has infiltrated our lives to the point where it is inconceivable that we could ever do without them. One of the main driving forces behind the electronic takeover can be traced largely to the efforts of one man – Bill Gates.   This American entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist and author co-founded the Microsoft empire, and in doing so became the richest and most influential man in the world.   ‘Bill Gates failed to complete his course”   Gates was born in...

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Isaac Newton never gave up

By Doug Wright   Issac Newton one of the greatest, philosophers and mathematicians of all time   “A sickly baby he wasn’t expected to survive much past birth”   He was one of the biggest names of the 18th century’s scientific revolution in the 1700s, and unarguably one of the greatest scientists of all time. But Sir Isaac Newton had a less than stellar start in life. The only son of a prosperous farmer who died before he was born, he was such a sickly baby he wasn’t expected to survive much past birth. However, he did, and later...

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