A survivor of a head on vehicle collision and passionate about helping people overcome their inner most fears, (especially when recovering from trauma). Doug lived to share his story and his motto is “never give up”. He loves what he does because it makes an immediate difference to people’s lives.They see possibility where once there was none.

When you look at the positive side of life instead of the negative your attitude changes. The challenges we face in our lives give us the resolve to authentically look at ourselves. We can’t do anything about yesterday, other than learn from it, we can’t do anything about tomorrow as it hasn’t arrived yet, all we can do is be creative about the NOW.

“Opportunities occur out of adversity. Adversity is a gift and we only need to look for inspiration from the Paralympics or people with disabilities that get on with life to know that it works.”

Doug’s aim is to empower people with the tools so they give it their courageous all and achieve their goals,

“What you believe you can achieve.”

If you want to inspire your team with the “never give up” attitude, we may be a good fit to make a difference to your organisation and look forward to hearing from you.

Bring yourself back to the present

When you are stressed bring yourself back to the present, when we are stressed we are either living in the past or in the future. Every time you think you have a problem, it is a gift for us to learn. You have to delete thoughts that are not useful, like a glass that…

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1. Impactful- having a major impact or effect. 2. Needs Based-Improved learning outcomes. 3.Sustained- continuing foran extended period 4. Peer-colleagues work together to reflect on.. 5. In-practice- learning through doing, tackling real issues and developing…

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Amplify influence

“Amplify influence”, whether you are the business owner, senior management or in a team leader roll, you have the ability to influence the people that are under you. Ask better questions. Everybody has the capacity to be a leader, that doesn’t mean that everybody…

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“Doug shows us that we can all make a difference.”

Mike Keating

Assistant Commissioner, Road Policing Command , Queensland Police Service

“Doug you are a miracle – a medical miracle and a personal miracle… amazing to hear your story of adversity and adventure”

Dr Graeme Duke

Staff Specialist, Intensive Care Service, Eastern Health, Box Hill & Maroondah Hospitals

“Doug is a legend.”

Associate Prof Martin Wullschleger

Medical Director of Trauma Services Staff Specialist, Gold Coast University

“His attitude to adversity is simply remarkable.”

Jurgen (Yogi) Schleemann

Global Manager Operations Excellence , Orica


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