Month: July 2016

Your Inner Strength – Resilience

Resilience is that inner strength that enables someone to get back up after they’ve been knocked down, to put on a smile on their face even though their world may be falling apart. Resilience is the ability to move on from misfortune and use bad luck as a chance to do better next time. What makes some people resilient to the changing tides of life while others find it hard to keep afloat? Psychologists agree that some people are born with a higher degree of resilience but also say that resilience is a trait that can be learned. So...

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Dr Ben Carson – A Man who Never Gave Up

How hard is it to become, not just a doctor, but a neurosurgeon? You’d need years of study and excellent grades at a top university. You’d also need to have a burning desire and a dogged persistence of spirit. You’d need money. You’d need support. And most of all, you would have never given up. There are many obstacles to overcome right there. But what if you were born into poverty? If your father was absent and your mother had dropped out of school in Grade Three? What if you were of a minority race and didn’t have easy...

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A Handful of Reasons to Never Give Up

They say that your life passes by your eyes when you are about to lose your life, how true was that for me, I had the job of my dreams, then one day it all came tumbling down. I was involved in a head on collision which nearly claimed my life. I was only a little worried at first, but as the days ticked by and my savings were swallowed up by essentials like rent, food and power, I started to panic. Fortunately, I worked for a company that looked after their people and would take great care of...

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