Month: November 2016

5 Reasons to Never Give Up

When we are affected by adversity, it is often hard to keep going. But there are a million reasons to never give up. It’s important to look at the bigger picture in times when we experience misfortune or hardships in our life, and be resilient and grateful for what we do have! Its natural that you’ll face hardship along your journey to reaching your goals, but by remaining positive and focused on what is important to you will keep you on track to achieving your goals. Here’s a few way to help you along your journey, and to never...

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The Genius Guide to Success

The Road to Success is Full of Challenges By Doug Wright Successful people don’t reach the top because the road is flat, the weather clear and conditions optimal. Every single successful person has had to face numerous obstacles and overcome outright failure to achieve success and get where they are now. I repeat …… every successful single person. So what makes a successful person refuse to give up? Scratch a success and you’ll find three core attributes. Belief in Self Even if the road is tough, the successful person will know within themselves that they have the fortitude and...

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Keeping Resilience in Times of Difficulty

Resilience in Times of Difficulty Resilience is that inner strength that enables someone to get back up after they’ve been knocked down. Resilient people are able to put on a smile on their face even though their world may be falling apart. Obstructions and declines are expected on the long road to your goal. Resilience is necessary to help over come these kind of temporary problems and put you back on track to achieving your goals. Stay focussed on what’s important and remember to keep moving forward. How resilient you are depends on your mental approach to problems and...

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Abraham Lincoln

A Man Who Never Gave Up Abraham Lincoln was an amazing man, remembered for his forward-thinking political beliefs, his steady hand during the American Civil War and his many outstanding speeches. He led the northern States through the American Civil War and its accompanying moral, constitutional, and political crises. The result was to preserve the Union, abolish slavery, strengthen the federal government, and modernise the economy. “We forget the huge personal and political struggles Lincoln had to cope with throughout his lifetime.” We look at these achievements today and marvel at his progressive beliefs and policies, and yet we forget the...

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Turia Pitt – Champion of Champions

By Doug Wright   If Turia Pitt’s last few years were described in a novel, most readers would find her story hard to believe. And yet, this indomitable woman has survived against overwhelming odds, now devoting her life to humanitarian and motivational work. Turia Pitt was competing in an ultra-marathon through Western Australia’s Kimberley region in September 2011 when she was trapped in a bushfire. She suffered burns to 65% of her body and had four fingers on her left hand and her right thumb amputated. She was told she would never run again. Her recovery was long, painful and debilitating. She wore a compression...

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