Author: Doug Wright

Bring yourself back to the present

When you are stressed bring yourself back to the present, when we are stressed we are either living in the past or in the future. Every time you think you have a problem, it is a gift for us to learn. You have to delete thoughts that are not useful, like a glass that is full you cannot put any more liquid in, it will over flow. SUBMIT Email Address...

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1. Impactful- having a major impact or effect. 2. Needs Based-Improved learning outcomes. 3.Sustained- continuing foran extended period 4. Peer-colleagues work together to reflect on.. 5. In-practice- learning through doing, tackling real issues and developing practical solutions 6. Reflective- investigation, action, evaluation and refinement 7. Evaluated-Access the worth of what you are developing Things go wrong every day, we must keep on going, we must push the delete button sometimes so as we can have a reset, what happens when you delete something on your computer, where does it go? Into the trash, how to set that up in our mind, how do we change our thinking? Your compass is your inner sense of direction, a path to fulfilment of your goals, your inner voice of wisdom and inspirations, the part of you that allows you to be more and to do more, we all have the answers within ourselves, you have to tap into yourself discovery....

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Amplify influence

“Amplify influence”, whether you are the business owner, senior management or in a team leader roll, you have the ability to influence the people that are under you. Ask better questions. Everybody has the capacity to be a leader, that doesn’t mean that everybody wants to be a leader or should be a leader. When something goes wrong you as a leader take the responsibility. When something goes right you give out the accolades. Leadership is the most valuable commodity on the planet as well as the rarest. SUBMIT Email Address...

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Safety Leadership: Health and safety in culturally and linguistically diverse workplaces

Workplace health and safety practices have come a long way in recent times, and most modern workplaces have a clear understanding that putting health and safety procedures into practice requires much more than simply meeting the minimum requirements of a compliance checklist. Everyone knows that effective communication is crucial, but that doesn’t always mean that effective communication is practised.   I have written in the past about the importance of safety leaders, and would like to take some time to look at the vital role these safety leaders play when it comes to imparting messages of health and safety...

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SAFETY AND ATTITUDE (PART 3) Developing a Positive Safety Attitude

In Part 2 of this series, “Mentoring for Positive Safety Attitudes”, I wrote about the valuable contribution of experienced workers when it comes to mentoring newer workers. So, does that mean that only the workers who have “been around the block a few times” can show effective safety leadership? Of course not.   It’s important to understand that communicating, co-operating, and leading, are skills that can be developed. We’re not born with those skills, although we may have acquired a basic understanding of working with others from childhood. As with everything, we go through an awkward learning stage while...

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