The Road to Success is Full of Challenges

This is the road to success, long, wide, stormy, full of opportunity

By Doug Wright

Successful people don’t reach the top because the road is flat, the weather clear and conditions optimal. Every single successful person has had to face numerous obstacles and overcome outright failure to achieve success and get where they are now.

I repeat …… every successful single person.

So what makes a successful person refuse to give up? Scratch a success and you’ll find three core attributes.

Belief in Self

Even if the road is tough, the successful person will know within themselves that they have the fortitude and strength to carry on.

Albert Einstein was turned down from the position of Associate Professor at the University of Bern, but went on to become Professor Extraordinary at Zurich, Professor at the University of Berlin and Professor of Theoretical Physics at both Prague and Princeton Universities.

You might expect anyone else to give up after an initial rejection from a university position. But Einstein didn’t. He believed in his work and in himself and that was of greater value to him than the negative beliefs of others.

A Goal in Mind

Einstein was a man who “had a strategy of his own and was able to visualise the main stages on the way to his goal. He regarded his major achievements as mere stepping-stones for the next advance.”

“Einstein always looked forward”

Einstein always looked forward. There was always more to learn and more to achieve. Failure was just a brief hiccup in his unwavering determination to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Picture a staircase. Your goal is at the top. Whether that’s to earn a million dollars, to land the career of your dreams, or to disprove the theory of relativity, your goal is there. Once you can see it, it’s just a matter of climbing the steps to reach it. Don’t let others push you off. Hold fast when the winds of life change. Keep your balance if vertigo strikes. Your goal sets the direction by which you need to go.


Einstein had issues with Newton’s theories. They had been accepted as truth for nearly 200 years. It was passion and single minded doggedness that drove him to surpass Newtonian physics with his own Theory of Relativity. It took him many long years to find the link between physics and the geometry of space-time and even longer to have his findings accepted by the wider scientific community.

If you believe you can do it and you have a goal in mind, passion is what will get you there. Half-hearted attempts don’t lead to victory. The nagging suspicion that you won’t get there will undoubtedly come true. And if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing… don’t do it. Find a new dream and be passionate about that.

Without self-belief, a clear goal and passion, it’s likely someone else will appropriate your dream. Don’t let that happen! Never give up!

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Doug Wright, is a transformed survivor of a head-on near death vehicle collision.

Passionate about helping people overcome their inner most fears, especially when recovering from trauma, Doug has survived to share his courageous story … his motto is “never give up”.

Away from his everyday activities, Doug invests his spare time playing his electric guitar, knocking out an eclectic mix of Eagles hits and fishing for coral trout in Airlee Beach, Northern Queensland.